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Muscle Categories
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Eastern Europeans
Pretty Boys
Latino Bodies
Muscle Daddies
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Blond Bodies
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Group Scenes
Muscle Bodybuilders
Leonid Pashenka, Leonid's Pump
Chris Bortone (2), Ready for Action!!
Diego El Potro, Never Enough Diego
Roy Morris, Raw Muscle, coming and going
Don Juan, Rock Hard Muscle Daddy
Viny Knight, Knight Time, Part 2: Daddy's Back
Angel Alberto, A Room with a View
Diego El Potro, Pole Power
Dominus Stone, Do as Dominus Does
Max Hilton, Biceps and Beer
Keo Banks, Playing With Mr. Banks
Pavel Nikolay, Pavel, part 2
Yoshiko Yumi, Skyline
Chris Bortone, Raw Poser
Hitomi Hiroki, One Night in Tokyo
Dado Santos, Muscle Inspection
Keo Banks, Pec Slabs
Cosmo Babu, Cosmo Grew Up!
Lucas Diangelo, Buffed and Bad
Pavel Nikolay, The Classic Boy Next Door
Kane Griffin, Blond Muscle
Macho Nacho, Big and Beautiful
Adam Sky, The Sky's the Limit
Varik Best, HVAC Man
James Idol, Happy Hour
Joro Welsh, Solid Oak
Clay Stone, Like a Rock
Lev Danovitz, He's Here to Please
Kevin Conrad, Lucky Stiff
Clayton Cobb, Fire Plug
Macho Nacho & Joey van Damme, Who's Hustling Who?
Mike Tucker, Hang Tough
Carl Payne & Rocky Remington, Rocky Meets the Drifter
Tool, Seeing is Believing
Sven Gronstrom, Big Boy Bait
Viny Knight, Knight Time
Jean Paul, Blue Boy, Barely Legal, Wants U 4 Play
Keo Banks, Pump and Pose
Angel Diablo, More Than a Jock
Urbano Vasco, The Pause That Refreshes
Joey van Damme, A Good Cigar
Alvaro Ortega, Date Night
Norman Cox, Norman's Dream
Angel Cruz, Cruz Control
Diego El Potro, Muchas Gracias, Diego
Leon jackson, He is So Cool!
Max Hilton, Max's Power Workout
Alex Tribal, Wrap Him Up Please
Max Chevalier, Back Alley
Tommy Rockets, Boy Beef
Carl Payne, The Drifter
Bill Baker, Beefy Bill
Barry Marshall, Management Tool Upgrade
Bruce Wang, The Studio P.A.
Diego El Potro, Diego's Fuego
Mike Rogers, That Boy Next Door
Freddy Tiffany, Rear Window
Mauro Marinello, Appointment With Muscle, part 2
Chad Harley, Breaking And Entering
Jack Dreyfuss, A Walk In The Garden
Xavier, Daddy's Day Off
Macho Nacho, Never 2 Big
Dylan Hunter, Picture Perfect
Mauro Marinello, Appointment with Muscle
Pablo Blades, Caution: Wide Load
Cesar Santiago, Man Friday
Leo Sabatini, Leo's favorite tool
Karl Kaminski, Lusty Exhibitionist
Martin Santos, The Lust Stimulator
Randy Wolf, Horny Randy
Brendon Cage, Try It On With Brendon
Barry Bangor, Tools of a Bouncer
Benny Ryder, Dreamboat
Giacomo Mancini, The Class Clown
Nino Sabrini, A Quiet Corner of Heaven
Oleg Sukov, Studio Stud
Randy Pacheco, Hot Homeboy Muscle
Felipe Gigante, Fly with Felipe
Carter Jackson & Skip Lawrence, Grapplers
Todd Morris, Workout
Jiri Lasik, Whirlpool
Marc Bentley, The Money Maker
Luciano Damato, The Truck Driver
Tommy Rockets, Get Lucky With Tommy
Stefano Rinaldi, The Professional Seducer
Torin Chesnik, Diamond in the Rough
Lorenzo Kaiden, A Hard Man is Good to Find
Helmut Mueller, College jock alone at home
Christian Bach, Latino Testosterone
Earl Wallace (2), pretty boy behind closed doors
Karl Kasper (2), not so shy anymore ...
Jamel Jamero, The Alpha Male
Milton Coy, physical education
Khalid Ezra, Dulce de Leche
Tyson Kobie, a Not So Secret Weapon
Marlon Hunter (2), The Gigolo
Peter Porter, The Loose Pants of the Boy Next Door
Max Levi, inches of immorality
Dick Woods, nothing to hide ...
Barry Matthews, a man when you need him
Raul Santos, a job after work ...
Chuck Charles, A CHUNK OF CHUCK
Leo Sabatini, Encounter with a BAD BOY
Randy West (2), RANDY AGAIN ...
Ricky Young, loaded for fun
Marlon Hunter, young & ambitious
Henry Mitchell, cleaning up to get dirty ...
Akira Jyn, urban warrior
Diego El Potro, beef in your face
Danny Indigo, the private dancer
Chad Harley (2), more muscle candy ...
Ivan Dragos, The Power Within...
Jack Osborne, Jack alone...
Sam Gibson, The hottest IT guy ever!
Guilherme Lingua, The Sculpting of a Muscle Puppy
Victor Wolf, a man with a gun
Brandon Oaksdale, A Stripper Late Night
Konrad Benz, A Frat Boy Alone
Giovanni Bolzo, Private Dancer
Roger Lockman, The Great Outdoors
Devon Brower, Another day at the office...
Gio Permalucci, Miror, Miror on the wall...
Barry Marshall, Management Tool
Milo Moretti, Pleasure in the Dark
Harry Cooper, Playful Harry
Gaucho Escobar, Curious & Playfull
Luiz Tribal (Part 2), ready for dessert
Fritz Helm, Fritz 2.0 Deluxe
Timmy Riordan, knows what he's got ...
Dillon Nash, pretty boy alone at home ...
Billy Blaze, Smokin' Hot Muscle Man!
Kent Franklin, Bigger is better!
Earl Wallace, The boy next door
Yummi & Melvin, Pure Muscle Worship
Chad Harley, Muscle Candy
Placido Olivier (2), knowing his assets ...
Fabio & Roger, THE ENCOUNTER
Buck Branson, a matter of size
Pedro Bomba, Carne!
Karl Kasper, The Friendly Muscle Boy!
Luke Powers, Big Bad Daddy
Vaskil Sherklov, From Vaskil With Love!
Claudio Marques, Tattooed, Tone And Tight!
Lunt Dödelström, Swedish Zippers are loose!
Kane Griffin & Jay Brosnan, Wrestling throw down!
Giovanni Volta, Built Tough
Charlie Spice, Muscle from Manila
Aaron Blair, Sizable Seduction
Bill Baker, Massive Muscle Pup
Alex Descha, So Bad... it's Good!
Chris Hughes, One Adorable Muscle Dude!
Placido Olivier, Fitness Model Bares All!
Dicky Alday, Get Lost In His Guts!
Keith Daniels, ...and We Mean Talent...
Olaf Nordstrom, Big European Muscle Jock
Ricky Mora, Miami Muscle Machine
Woody Pepino, A Little Guy With A Big Suprise!
Rudolf Zotkov, Lean and Young Euro Muscle
Dante Putkov, 18 Year old teen muscle!
Randy West, Randy is Horny
Paulo Maneros, Tropical Muscle Dude!
Adrian Cole, Deep Water from the East
Luiz Tribal, Tattooed & Muscled
John Spinelli, Get Big With...
Speedy, Tight And Tattooed!
Ryan Ortega, Ripped Latino Muscle
Victor Lund, Victor's Secret!
Muscle Eden Episode 6, The Epic Continues
Fidel Milagros, Colombian Gigolo
Frank Rosko, Full Service After Work
Lucius Blaque, Ready and Willing
Pepe Mendoza, The Legend
Dylan Hunter, Some pretty boys have all the fun
Penthouse, Triple Trouble
Emil Garin, Package Perfect
Henry Ducaine, The Latin Gigolo
Lorenzo Kaiden, The Professional Seducer
Ricky Wollensky, Pretty but Bad
Felipe Gigante, The Perfection of the Human Form
Pedro Marcos, Rough and Bad
Pepe Mendoza, The first encounter
Tyler Lee, The Man from around the Block
Will Keyes, Ready to Give
Jason Lord, Worshipping Jason Lord
John McDunkin, Deeds of a Muscle Daddy
Laurent LeGros, Poolboy Ex-XX-Traordinaire
Luke Belair, from Long Island With Love
Guy da Silva, Muscle Daddy Supreme
Hernando Guitterez, Sculpted Perfection
João Paulo, A Body from Paradise
Rocco Martin, His First Time...
Vince Alexander, Farm Boy in Vegas
Adelio Senna, Raw and Hairy
Chris Baker, Business as (un)Usual
Muscle Eden Episode One!, The Muscle Epic Starts Here
Rudy Corona (and friends!), El Chico Mas Fino
Spike Cruz, East Side Muscle Thug
Yoyo Dugan, Afternooner
Yakov Mukileck, Romanian Muscle Man
Kash Inditash, A Pleasant Surprise
Augusto Elia, Brazilian Powerhouse
Mauricio Pimento, Why Rio is not boring!
Gustavo Levu, Step Outside With
Gilberto Nestore, Heating it up
Ricky Luis, Little BIG Man
Yummi Cosmin Yakov Mukileck Wrestle!, Double Trouble
Dennis Martin, The Interview
Fritz Helm, The first time
Ice, Sizing Desires
Daniel Morocco, The Performer
Will Fernandez, Knowing his Game
Lucas Diangelo (and friends!), Young and Ambitious
Mieno Sattler, Why settle for less?
Christopher Russo, The Man from Bahia
Bed Wrestling, Full Muscle Contact
Rolando Espinoza, Venezuelan Spice
Cosmo Babu, The Hustler
Micu Malta, Growing Pleasure
Mike Rogers, The Guy Next Door... Only Hotter!
Gil dela Cruz, Available for Everything
Jim Dullea, Secret life of the high school quarterback
Major Boner, When Everything is about one thing
Oscar Navarro, Pool Side In Rio De Janeiro
Pablo Pepino, Big Bad Pablo
Vinnie DeAngelo, When Vinnie rings twice
Xander, Eastern Rough Neck
Yummi Cosmin, Nemeth Hammar, Farris Caristeas, What happens in Romanian Gyms?
Zack Klein, All He Knows ....
Stallion, Lean Ebony Muscle
Toby Walters, Off Limits
Vladimir Baboushka, Eastern Bloc
Chuck Basher, Bashing your Mind
Cody Miller, 6 ft of PLEASURE
Doug Towers, The Tower or Power
Duane Mitchell, It comes down to this
Duncan Mac, Perfect Dimensions
Macho Nacho, Palacio Muscluloso Part Two
Mario Borelli, Daddy Daycare
Rafael Pinto, The Love to show
Jeff Fleming, Playing with Muscles
John Herbert, Deep Dish Muscle Pup
Biff Strom, Young and Hung
Trent Fosters, Australian without shame
Max von Stroheim, The Bull
Raoul Natal, Intimidating Intimacy
Rico Cane, The Flavor of a Bad Boy
Massimo, Hard as a Rock
Axel Agabo, Late Night Visitor
George Russell, Young and Ready
Nicky Cortland, A Beefy Fantasy
Scott Kirby, Eager to please
Guillermo Molina, Not for the first time ....
T-Bone, Bigger and Better
Ben Johnson, Real Muscles & Real Power
Roberto Bueno, Its All Good WIth Roberto
Santiago Fraga, The fibers of paradise
Alex Silva, The Muscle Gigolo
Claude Carroll, The Man Nobody Resists
Ben Dawson, My Muscle Daddy Can Beat Up Your Muscle Daddy
Apollo Phoenix, Not the usual Apollo ...
Blake Stevens, A Country Boy Alone
Boris Valerio, Encounter in Leather
Bruno Formansky, Who's Your Daddy?
Gary St. Jacques, A Private Visit
Sebastian Storm, The Real Man
Javier Menendez, One Hot Homeboy
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