Yummi Cosmin Yakov Mukileck Wrestle!

Double Trouble

When big, MACHO European musclemen get together all they want to do is show off. Prove who the top dog is. We told Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck, we didn't want to wrestle with them...well, at least not for a few hours, yet. But sooner or later, those Eastern European men always get at each other. Sooner or later. LiveMuscleShow.com's Yummi and Yakov are like bodybuilding fantasies come true! They're ripped, huge and built. These two make everything they do a contact sport. From flexing in the gym to horsing around in the showers. We didn't direct these men, we just turned the camera on and let them play and you get to see the tension that builds between them. Friendly hugs become tugs of war as they fight to keep their hands off of one another; but they soon find a way to release their pent up urges.

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Yummi Cosmin Yakov Mukileck Wrestle! Gay Muscle
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